2020 Bike-Run Training

Triathlon Functional Core- Bike-Run  Winter Session 1
Dates:  Jan 19 – 7 weeks
Time: Sundays 6:30-~8:30 AM;
Location: Columbia Association Supreme Sports Club
Description: The first 30 min we will focus on triathlon specific functional core strength; we will bike indoors on your bike and bike trainer OR there will be spin bikes available for use (equipped with HR monitor and cadence monitor and SPD peddles); we will then run either indoors on the track/treadmills OR weather permitting outside.  The workouts are tailored for advanced to beginner athletes.
Equipment: your bike and bike trainer in good working condition (or let me know if you plan to use the spin bikes); clothes (bike gear okay) and shoes for core/strength work; clothes and shoes for biking indoors; change of clothes for running outdoors (weather permitting); shoes for running; two water bottles/electrolyte drink; small snack to eat immediately after your workout; change of clothes for after the workout; highly recommended: Cadence monitor, heart rate monitor and sports watch.

Triathlon Bike-Run  Spring Session 

Dates:  March 22 – 7 weeks