2018 Triathlon Swim Training

Triathlon Swim Advanced
Winter Session: Jan 16th – Feb 26th; includes Indoor Tri on Sunday, March 4th
Spring Session:  March 13th – April 24th; Time trial May 1st
Summer Session 1: May 15th-June 26th
Summer Session 2: July 10th – Aug 21st; Time trial Aug 28th
Fall Session 1: TBA
Time: Tuesdays 5:15-6:45 AM
Location: Columbia Association Supreme Sports Club
Description: The advanced training  group will focus on freestyle stroke technique and efficiency while building/maintaining base endurance.  Spring and Summer sessions have more focus on performance and race-specific workouts.
Requirements: Base of 1200-1500 yds of swimming and able to hold a 2:30/100 yds pace.

Triathlon Swim Beginner
Dates: Session 1 Session 1 Sept 12th-Oct 31st; Session 2 Nov 7th- Dec 19th
Time: Tuesdays – 6:45-7:45 AM
Location: Columbia Association Supreme Sports Club
Description: The beginner training group will focus primarily on developing an efficient freestyle swim stroke while also building base endurance.  We will use specific swimming drills to help us build the freestyle stroke.  We will start with the basics of body position and breathing technique and finish with putting it all together in a full efficient freestyle stroke.
Requirements: must be able to swim 100 yds (4 lengths)

Costs for 7-week Swim Sessions (rates are set by the Columbia Association and subject to change)

CA members PPP -$98
CA members – $115
CA resident- $150
non-member- $175


Call the Supreme Sports Club 410-381-5355 or go in person to the front desk and ask to register for the Triathlon swim training. For CA members you can also register online: Go to ColumbiaAssociation.org/login Use Program Registration Change Site to: Supreme Sports Club Session: SSC Fall  Category: Fitness Programs Course: TriSwimAdv or TrisSwimBeg and choose session 1 or session 2