Iron Fitness 140min Indoor Triathlon Challenge


IRON FITNESS is a 140.6 min. indoor triathlon challenge. The 140.6 minute event is inspired by the 140.6 miles of an ultra-distance triathlon! This event is open to anyone that can swim, bike, and then run/walk for the indicated times. This event is purely for the CHALLENGE and the FUN! Don’t miss the chance to earn your IRON FITNESS 140.6 min Indoor Triathlon FINISHERS T-shirt – Register TODAY! NEW! Relay teams are now being accepted. Relays will be limited to one wave.


20 min swim, 80 min bike, 40.6 min run = 140.6 min

Event Details

When: Sunday November 3th, 2013, 5:30 A.M. start for the first wave.
Where: The Columbia Association, The Supreme Sports Club, 7080 Deepage Drive, Columbia, MD.
Who: Ages 12 and over. Must be able to swim, bike, and run/walk for the indicated times. Parents must be present during the entire event for youth under 13. Participants must be 4’11″ or taller to safely fit the indoor bikes.
Details: Prior to the event you will be assigned a registration time and wave start time. The event will be organized in waves of 8-12 participants. The swim takes place in a 25 yd indoor pool, the bike takes place on state othe art Schwin spin bikes equipped with SPD peddle or standard toe clips, cadence and heart rate monitor, and the run takes place on an indoor track. A transition area will be designated in the arena/track area. The bike section will be a simulated course coordinated with music and a voice-over instruction describing the course terrain. Post event refreshments will be served!

All participant will receive a 140.6 min Iron Fitness Indoor Triathlon t-shirt, a swim cap, a race belt, and finishers medal.  Each wave will have one random prize drawing!

What to Bring

Photo ID or CA membership card. Please leave all valuables at home.
Swim: swimming suit, goggles, swim cap, and towels (provided), hair ties for long hair.
Bike: tank top, tri shorts (minimally padded bike shorts), socks, shoes for biking, bike bottle filled with a sports drink or water. Optional: SPD cleated bike shoe.
Run: running shoes
Special Needs: Nutritionals consisting of sports drink or food to take before and during the event.
Optional: waterproof sports watch, heart rate monitor, and a shower items and change of clothes for after the event.


EARLY REGISTRATION ends Oct.26, 2013
CA members- $45.00
CA non-members- $60.00
Relay/person CA member- $22.00
Relay/person non-CA member $27.00

LATE REGISTRATION after Oct. 26th, 2013
CA members – $55.00
CA non-members-$70.00
Relay/person CA member -$25.00
Relay/person non-CA member-$30.00

Register at Listing ID: 2083291

No Race Day Registrations Accepted